Product packs in Odoo eCommerce

Odoo Experience 2016

A demonstration of the module "eCommerce product pack" is given. The module is developed for Odoo 9 enterprise. The core of Odoo 9 supports the use of product variants where you can make a distinction between fixed values and colors. With the "eCommerce product pack", we made an extension on that functionality. The customer can order a product combination in the product detail page where different options are representing another product. After the selection in the product detail page, the product and its options, are added as a product combination to the shopping cart. The product pack is handled as just one product.

The module contains also the ability to give a specific promotion on the product pack. The user can make a distinction whether he only gives a discount to a product used as a product option within a product pack or not.

During the presentation, we will show you how the customer experience is on the webshop and how the configuration is setup in the backend.

About The Author

Sofie Van Looveren has been working as a developer for more than 10 years. In 2012 she introduced Callista, a company who became Odoo partner in 2016. Callista is focusing on Odoo and evolves into the most reliable partners to work with.

Practical Info

10/06/2016 11:00
20 minutes
Functional / Lauzelle