Odoo Sign: Electronic Signature made easy

Odoo Experience 2016

Come to this talk to learn more about Odoo Sign. In which case it is needed, employees contract, partners contract or for any other legal statement.

Odoo Sign is a fast and convenient way to send, sign and approve documents. Prepare contracts by dragging & dropping blocks to be completed by the parties, submit signature requests in seconds and track status of sent documents.

About The Author

Antoine Sencie - Business Analyst, Odoo

Antoine works at Odoo for 1 year and half in the Professional Service Department as a functional consultant. He joined Odoo after graduating from the LSM (UCL) in Louvain-la-Neuve. He studied the business engineering. As a Functional Consultant, he is in charge of the implementation of the solution the customer has subscribed to in order the improve his company management and performance.

Practical Info

10/07/2016 06:30
20 minutes
Discovery / Foyer Royal