Odoo Infrastructure Management Module

Odoo Experience 2016

The target audience: Expert, Users / developers
The version covered: Odoo 9 Community

What will people learn from this talk? The Infra Module (https://github.com/ingadhoc/odoo-infrastructure) was developed in Adhoc (www.adhoc.com.ar) during 2015 as a solution in the process of deploying and managing Odoo enviroments, instances and databases from the odoo interface.

This Odoo module is based on the Fabric and ERPpeek python libraries, and allows the user with little or none infrastructure knowledge to perform remote Odoo operations as deployment, update, maintenance, etc.

Among other things, with Infra installed in your Odoo database you can:

  • Register Servers for remote execution and deployment

  • Configure and mange all services needed for Odoo: postgres, odoo, postfix, nginx, aeroo-docs, etc

  • Keep all the information of your servers at one place

  • Deploy a new Odoo Enviroment (for any Odoo version) at your local or remote server in seconds

  • Specify repositories you want to include on it

  • Specify domains and subdomains used to access it

  • Deploy Databases

  • Drop, Duplicate, Create databases through Odoo Web Services

  • Configure Backups Policy and Schedule and keep track of the backup process performance (history,files)

  • Restore databases - Install and update modules

  • Register databases types, deactivation dates, contract (among others)

  • Configure Catchall (mail config)

  • Manage Support Contracts and related services

The presentation during the Odoo Experience aims to show the working module and to explain the benefits of managing all your Odoo implementations in a single place, keep everything documented and above all: standarize your processes to attain and maintain a top quality service.

You can see a brief video presentation here: http://bit.ly/2bAI9MU 

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About The Author

Juan Jose Scarafia http://www.adhoc.com.ar/ Juan José Scarafia was born in Rosario, Argentina in 1984. He is an industrial engineer with passion in thinking and developing solutions. He has been working as a developer and functional expert on Odoo/OpenERP for the last 5 years, and founded Adhoc, a company that provide ERP implementations and software solutions based on the Odoo framework. He participated in the Odoo Days 2014 and 2015. He enjoys cooking barbacues, playing soccer, drinking wine and hanging out with friends.

Practical Info

10/06/2016 08:00
10 minutes
Lightning Session / Congrès