Manage your customer business requirements in Odoo

Odoo Experience 2016

Improve your customer business requirements management with Odoo, thanks to a full set of OCA modules in Odoo v9. You can fully integrate your customer requirements into the whole service supply chain, from the quotation down to the project delivery. A demonstration for functional experts will introduce the full workflow:

  • Structure the business requirement gathering (customer story, scenario, gap) with approval workflow

  • Manage the estimate of the deliverables and necessary resources with cost control

  • Quickly create quotation linked to the BR

  • Create projects and tasks linked to the deliverable and resources

  • Control the budget with the actual work

This modules are based on standard project delivery SOP and can apply to the following industries:

  • Service industry (eg: IT/software/strategy/advertisement/etc)

  • Custom made project for industry and assembly (eg: on-demand furniture or construction)

  • R & D concepts

  • Product development (trading companies)

About The Author

Eric Caudal

Founder in 2010 of Elico Corp, Odoo Gold Partner in China, Hong Kong and Singapore, Eric Caudal has been involved in more than 80 Odoo implementation projects in trading, manufacturing, e-commerce, accounting, etc. Founding member of the Odoo community Association, he has been OCA board member since 2014. Active member of the community with multiple contributions to the OCA (connectors, business requirements, Chinese localization etc.), he is as well core maintainer and reviewer.

Practical Info

10/06/2016 10:30
20 minutes
Functional / Lauzelle