Manage your customer business requirements in Odoo

Improve your customer business requirements management with Odoo, thanks to a full set of OCA modules in Odoo v9. You can fully integrate your customer requirements into the whole service supply chain, from the quotation down to the project delivery. A demonstration for functional experts will introduce the full workflow:

  • Structure the business requirement gathering (customer story, scenario, gap) with approval workflow

  • Manage the estimate of the deliverables and necessary resources with cost control

  • Quickly create quotation linked to the BR

  • Create projects and tasks linked to the deliverable and resources

  • Control the budget with the actual work

This modules are based on standard project delivery SOP and can apply to the following industries:

  • Service industry (eg: IT/software/strategy/advertisement/etc)

  • Custom made project for industry and assembly (eg: on-demand furniture or construction)

  • R & D concepts

  • Product development (trading companies)

Lunches & Drinks
20 minutes
Functional / Lauzelle