Electronic orders and invoices: UBL, ZUGFeRD, e-fff...

Odoo Experience 2016

In this conference, I will present the work I made during the last 9 months on electronic orders and electronic invoices. It corresponds to these 4 announcements:

1) December 25th 2015: import regular PDF invoices and electronic invoices in Odoo http://www.akretion.com/blog/akretions-christmas-present-for-the-odoo-community

2) March 24th 2016: create and import ZUGFeRD electronic invoices in Odoo http://www.akretion.com/blog/akretion-publishes-zugferd-modules-to-create-and-import-electronic-invoices-with-odoo

3) June 22nd 2016: import e-fff invoices in Odoo http://www.akretion.com/blog/akretion-adds-support-for-the-import-of-e-fff-invoices-in-odoo

4) September 5th 2016: support for UBL-based electronic orders in Odoo http://www.akretion.com/blog/akretion-adds-support-for-ubl-based-electronic-orders-in-odoo

The following screencast has a full demo of e-orders and e-invoices in Odoo: https://youtu.be/bs8GPYlHa9Y.

The screencast has been made with Odoo v8, but the demo during this talk will be made with Odoo v10.

About The Author

Alexis de Lattre

Alexis de Lattre started working on Odoo in 2008 and is a community contributor since 2010. He contributed several popular community modules on SEPA, intrastat, Asterisk, rentals, cut-offs, etc...

Practical Info

10/05/2016 11:00
20 minutes
Business Sessions / Biéreau (-1)