Building Management Information System dashboards

Odoo Experience 2016

Target audience: end users
Versions covered: 9 enterprise and community

Talk structure: slide + demo on 9 enterprise. This talk presents the mis_builder module that allows end-users to create "Management Information System" styles dashboards, showing time periods in columns and key performance indicators in rows.

This talk was presented in front of a fullly packed room at Odoo Experience 2015. This year, I will present and demonstrate the new features, using Odoo Enterprise 9.0: - uniform rendering on screen, pdf and excel - styles - a simpler user inferface to access reports - and more

About The Author

With 20+ years experience in the software field, Stéphane is Operations Director at ACSONE, a Software Engineering Company focusing on open source and open standards. He is involved in Odoo projects since 2011 and an active member of the Odoo Communtiy Association.

Stéphane Bidoul

Practical Info

10/06/2016 09:00
20 minutes
Business Sessions / Biéreau (-1)