Build Your Integrated Marketing Stack: A 360° Overview

How can marketing impact your business?

In traditional seller markets, customers sought the product or service they needed, selected from a few choices, and made their decision. Simple, right? With the evolution of market competition in any industry, the number of competitors and diversity of consumer needs means a growing number of choices for customers to make in the marketplace. The most successful companies are always the organizations who make that choice the easiest for a customer, putting their product in front of the buyers who would find it most valuable. But how can this be done without spending large portions of budgets on outbound marketing campaigns?

In this talk, you will learn how to communicate your product to customers effectively and efficiently. The greatest product in the world could not sell itself, it's up to the efforts of your marketing strategies to properly inform customers why they need your product, and why they should choose it over the competition.

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Date & time

10/07/2016 04:00


20 minutes

Functional / Lauzelle
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