BlockChain for Odoo and the Community

Odoo Experience 2016

In my presentation, I would like to show how Odoo community can significantly benefit from the emerging blockchain technology. Not only as storing transactions but much more. I have been experimenting with alternative workflow engines, distributed designs, master data management scripts and disaster recovery scripts. I believe all this combined can make Odoo an even more stronger ERP proposition to not only small businesses but also for large Tier 1 implementations.

As part of my presentation, I would like to include a real demo system to show the possibilities with references to github repositories where developers could experiment themselves.

About The Author

Jan Troler

My background is applied sciences focused on math, thermodynamics systems and mechatronics. After leaving uni, I had a job in a testing lab for the automotive industry in Czech Rep promoting and developing applications using OSS stack with python as the main programming language. That was also the first opportunity to learn about TinyERP. I managed to install it and get it running. It was year 2005 I think. Then I started to work in an other testing laboratory for completely different industry (Digital TV labobratories). This was the first opportunity to use TinyERP not as ERP but as a Rapid Development Framework. I was able to get backoffice UI for digital tv testing working relatively fast. Having TinyERP in my skillbelt, I met Fabien Pinckaers in pycon conference in Birmigham and decided to join as a partner. I have now been implementing, supporting and maintaning OpenERP for over 6 years for UK based small businesses and startups. My clients include London based startups backed by Venture Capital Trusts such as Octopus Ventures and DN capital

Practical Info

10/06/2016 09:00
10 minutes
Lightning Session / Congrès