Bank Statements Reconciliation: Advanced Use Cases

This talk is for accountants who already know Odoo and want to improve their knowledge on how to manage bank statements in Odoo. 

The first part is related to the different ways to get your statements in Odoo:

  • direct bank synchronization (example with a bank & paypal statements)
  • the new CSV import tool in Odoo 10
  • QIF/OFX import

The second part of the presentation is related to record your bank and cash transactions and how to do the bank matching process easily (structure of the journals, transit accounts, etc.)
Different use cases will be proposed:

  • how to manage credit cards payments from customers
  • how to record inter-bank internal transfers
  • the two ways to manage checks
  • how to use batch deposits

The last part is dedicated to the audit report: what to do when your balance in Odoo does not match your bank statements balance.




Séverine Delhove (sde)