UX best practices to create your module

Odoo Experience 2015

Find out usability best practices when developing your modules. We will give you tips to optimize the user experience in any business flow. The goal of this talk is to provide you tools to make your modules smooth in a business perspective.

About The Author

Yannick Tivisse (yti)

Yannick Tivisse has been working for the R&D Use Merge Team for 2 years and collaborates with the R&D Indian department . He worked 14 months for the usability team. During this time, he worked on the business flows of all the applications and on usability tasks in order to clean views, reduce flows complexity, improve the on-boarding and software learning experiences. He worked on the code, the specifications and the functional reviews.

After a while, he decided to be a full-time developer and currently works on bigger tasks like the migration to new API of main applications, new modules like the TaxCloud API integration or usability improvements like the menu items search bar in the app switcher and the expense module refactoring. He still works with the Indian team and usability department as a technical reviewer. He usually to travel once a year with Martin Trigaux to India to reinforce and improve our collaboration.

Practical Info

06/04/2015 05:00
20 minutes
Developers / Hocaille (-1)