Project Management with the lights on: Earned Value Management using Odoo

Odoo Experience 2015

Earned Value Management can help illuminate where a project is and where it is going - as compared to where it was supposed to be and where it was supposed to be going. In this session we will review in Odoo an example of a problematic project, and we will try to answer the following questions: - Are we ahead or behind schedule? - How efficiently are we using our time? - When is the project likely to be completed? - Are we currently over or under our budget? - How efficiently are we using our resources? - What is the remaining work likely to cost? - What is the entire project likely to cost? - How much will we be under or over budget at the end? We will then review how the project was planned, executed and measured in order to get to the results shown.

About The Author

Jordi Ballester Alomar

Jordi Ballester is founder and CEO of Eficent Business and Consulting Services (  and an Odoo consultant. Jordi started his career as SAP functional consultant 12 years ago, and participated in medium and large international SAP implementation projects as consultant and project manager. Jordi started with Odoo 5 years ago, and is now very active in the Odoo community, as author, reviewer and board member of the Odoo Community Association (OCA). Jordi has published over 100 Odoo modules in various categories. Jordi holds degrees in telecommunications engineering and business management sciences.

Practical Info

06/05/2015 05:45
20 minutes
Functional / Main Theatre