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Odoo Experience 2015

Open TMS is a Transport Management System for helping Transport company to organize, carry out and monitor their transports Key features include: - Management of transport orders - Invoice tracking orders from transport vehicles, for journeys by type of transport - Management of drivers commissions - Management and monitoring of highways maps - Management of alerts days per km depending on the type (maintains, technical inspection, insurance, etc ...) - Vehicle Park Occupancy Planning - Management of Computer Assisted Maintenance - Maintenance order corrective and preventive - Management of the tire (tire wear and tracking rates) OpenTMS has been successfully deployed in several transport companies possessing parks between 40 to 480 vehicles since 2010 user manual :

About The Author

Elkafil Abdrahman

Entrepreneur and founder of the company in free software NEXTMA ( Fluent in french and arabic,good knowledge in english, Focus:NTIC, OPEN SOURCE,LINUX,Postgresql and ERP . Open source enthusiast given several speeches at open source events, IGNITE and TEDX Organizer since 2009 of the "SOFTWARE FREEDOM DAY" in casablanca Certified SAP in MM and FI/CO LINUX certified LPI and OPENERP specialist since 2006 Founder and vice-president AMP2L(Association Marocaine pour la Promotion du Logiciel Libre)

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06/05/2015 06:15
20 minutes
Functional / Main Theatre