NGO Addons

Odoo Experience 2015

Camptocamp has developed and released as part of the OCA a set of addons in the project vertical-ngo. These addons are meant to be used by NGOs for they day to day operations, and they are currently in use by Gain and another deployement is in progress for one very large NGO based in Geneva. The current set of addons focus on supply chain management and greatly enhance the standard Tender process of Odoo. The presentation will demonstrate the new procurement flows enabled by this project.

About The Author

Alexandre Fayolle - Camptocamp

Alexandre has been working on Odoo at Camptocamp since 2012 as a project manager and technical lead. He is an active actor in the Odoo Community (github projects, mailing lists, IRC...), and wants to build a better ecosystem for Odoo developers. He is a member of the Odoo Community Association board and an active contributor to the OCA projects.

Practical Info

06/03/2015 11:00
20 minutes
Functional / Lauzelle