First steps in Odoo apps development

Odoo Experience 2015

This 1-hour tutorial will give you all the basics to develop your first Odoo modules. 

Designing a model in Python, building your first views and some elements of the Odoo framework will be discussed.

(This talk is for beginners, if you are an experienced Odoo developer, you won't probably learn a lot)

About The Author

Richard Mathot (rim)

Hello, IT. Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Developer at Odoo since 2013. I worked on the survey module and on the integration of shipping providers. Since July 2016 I'm responsible for the upgrade of our SaaS clients to the most recent version of Odoo. I also make coffee that is too strong for my colleagues.

Practical Info

06/03/2015 05:30
50 minutes
Developers / Foyer du Lac