Building Management Information System Dashboards

Odoo Experience 2015

One of the key benefits of using an integrated system such as Odoo is that accouting data flows automatically from business processes. When the times come to do reporting, this gives guarantees of coherence between the operational view and the accounting and financial controlling views. In this talk, we present a module named mis_builder which lets end-user create flexible reports showing business performance indicators in lines and periods in columns. Reports can be displayed in Odoo dashboards and exported to Excel. MIS reports indicator combine accounting data (account balances) and business data to create indicators such as typical P&L, Balance Sheet or Cash Flow data, but also mixed indicators such as "average revenue per sale" or any combination of indicators. The module is currently available on a public Acsone branch. It will be published to and/or submitted to OCA before the conference.

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Stéphane Bidoul

Practical Info

06/03/2015 11:30
20 minutes
Functional / Lauzelle