BI Views Builder for Odoo 8

Odoo Experience 2015

Showing a prototype, the challanges and the roadmap of the creation of a user-friendly tool (Query Builder) integrated in Odoo, that allows the user to specify graphically all the sources and the characteristics of the data-set to analyze, automating all the operations for creating all the necessary low level Odoo objects.

About The Author

Diego Luis Neto -Software Development Manager

Diego Luis Neto is a kaleidoscopic and open-minded IT Professional. He moved from Italy to the Netherlands to become the lead developer at Onestein. Driven by a strong problem solving aptitude he designs solutions to help people and organizations work smarter with the help of technology. When not behind his laptop he either plays guitar or looks for new ways to satisfy his limitless curiosity.

Practical Info

06/05/2015 06:45
20 minutes
Developers / Foyer du Lac