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How to get started as an Odoo Learning Partner

FREE event Start: 03:00 PM - May, 2

Everything you need to know to succeed as an Odoo Learning Partner

Presented by Antoine Huvelle, the manager of the Partnership team at Odoo Brussels, this webinar intends to give you all the information you need to succeed as a Learning Partner. During the webinar, we're going to discuss the tools that you have at your disposal when your start your learning partnership at Odoo.

Learning Platform

How to connect and use the learning platform

Your first project

How to report a lead and how we can help you to win that first deal

Working with Odoo

 Who's your point of contact and what's their role

Odoo Dashboard

How to exploit the information on your Odoo dashboard

Key information

How to use our SaaS Platform, the pricing page and Odoo.sh

Live Q&A

Ask any questions directly to Antoine during the live Q&A

Date & Time

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Thursday May 2
Europe/Brussels 03:00 PM 04:00 PM


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