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PADAKA | PT. Padaka Pranajaya Global

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PADAKA | PT. Padaka Pranajaya Global
Jl. Siwalankerto Permai G-19
60236 Surabaya
+62858 5181 5508 / +62813 5764 5580

Padaka is an IT Consulting Service Company based in Surabaya, Indonesia. Padaka focuses on consulting ; integration services, business innovation services and application development (both on Mobile and Web Development). As the best in-class partner in providing and delivering IT service, Padaka provides comprehensive services ranging from advisory, planning, implementation, integration with other system, upgrading, enhancement and support.

Padaka provides many alternative solutions to solve problems in terms of IT solutions and the best value to customer in delivering services with Creativity, Innovation and Speed. Padaka value is SUPER (Scalable, Unique, Professional, Evolve, Reputable) Company and EXPERT (Enthusiasm, Xcellent, Passion, Explore, Responsible, Teamwork) People Based on the corporate value of SUPER EXPERT, Padaka will provide the best service for you. Padaka desires to have every engagement with customer is always a valuable, rewarding and memorable experiences.