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Modoolar is a company with years of experience, entrepreneurial spirit and clear vision. Using the most up-to-date and innovative technologies, we help our clients worldwide to choose the best solution for their business. We provide software development services, but for our customers we are not just service provider, we are also a partner. With extensive experience in implementing Odoo based applications, we can offer a custom tailored solution that perfectly meet your needs.

Here at Modoolar, we pay great attention to create great products that are based on Odoo platform. Therefore, we are proud to present Odoo Scrummer, an agile project management tool that supports Scrum framework. The Scrummer has been created in collaboration with world-renowned experts for Scrum and agile methodologies. Built on top of Odoo platform, it combines the power of an ERP with the Scrum framework and it could take your project management to the next level.


With presence in twenty four countries, Briv consulting is a leading regional distributor of IT equipment, smart/mobile phones and consumer electronics.
CPH Grooming
We provide men with the best possible opportunities for growing and grooming awesome beards.
We sell natural, high-quality personal care products for men.
We don’t paint a perfect picture, but help people to a better, longer and more beautiful beard.
We have a unique product and a stunning design, combined with the strongest forces within social media marketing.
CAR:GO is the solution to urban transport. We use modern technologies to provide you the best transportation service possible. You can use our mobile application through which you can order a ride from point A to point B, where payment is made with a credit card, or with CarGo credit (Telenor bank, MTS credit, PayPal or iPay vouchers).
Genesis Property Management Services
We at Genesis offer an exclusive, bespoke service that can take care of all your property needs. We find suitable properties for clients to buy or rent, providing full management if needed, we offer independent research and viewing services, compile and review inventories, and can even furnish your property for you.If there’s one word that sums up Genesis’s attitude to its clients… it’s care. In fact, our whole business is built around that one word. We care enough to offer you a completely personal service; tailor-made to your specific requirements. Our expertise, dedication and attention to detail are second to none and we leave no stone unturned to fulfil even your most ambitious needs (within the world of property management, of course.Genesis Property Management Services
Market leading e-commerce business within the knitting and crocheting supplies industry.
LE Trading a.s.
Founded in 2013, LE Trading A.S. was born as union of the Light Energy Group and New Energy Trading AG.
Solfins is a project engineering company. With more than 20 years of experience, we can help you to stay competitive. We provide engineering services in line with Western project management and quality standards, but at a fraction of the Western cost. Our services are tailored to help you keep your costs down while retaining your core engineering capacities. Just pass your work overloads to us and our engineers will do the rest. Solfins management combines the best of western and eastern European education, and has extensive experience of working for companies in the USA and Europe. Our well-trained and versatile labor force can ensure you a smooth project flow and timely delivery of a product fitted to your specifications.
We focus primarily on the design of special machines for industrial automation. We have a proven record in working with the most reputable automatic assembly equipment builders in the US and Europe.
Besides, we can offer you a unique 2D and 3D CAD/CAM solutions, as well as solutions for various calculations and simulations, document management systems, running of CNC machines, etc.