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Merit Advisory Services LLP

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Merit Advisory Services LLP
Near Mire Awareh, G. Nur Salat Road

Merit Advisory Services LLP is a consulting firm based in Somalia which provides a wide range of integrated professional services such as bookkeeping and financial reporting, audit and assurance, business planning and budgeting, taxation and other advisory services to clients in private and public sectors. Born out of the realization of the technical gap faced by Somali businesses and public bodies, Merit Advisory Services has been formed by professional accountants to bridge the gap and offer specialized expertise to help businesses achieve strategic success while fully complying with local regulations and laws and following international standards.

Merit Advisory Services also endeavors to work closely with the Somali Federal government and its member states in the bid to build transparent & accountable public bodies and guide both public and private institutions to develop sound financial systems and adopt the principles of good governance. In this light, the firm’s services resonate with the efforts to build sustainable economy and unlock local & foreign investment opportunities and capital flows to Somalia.

To meet the expectation of our clients and deliver excellent & quality technical services, we have drawn together professional accountants, procurement & IT specialists, researchers and other academics with the right know-how, experience, commitment, values and vision to help keep abreast of the deeply complex and fast-paced globalized world of today. To ensure value is delivered to customers we remain to engage our team in continuous professional development."