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Team-IT Conection
Team-IT Conection Certified v13
Team It Conection met à votre disposition, l’expertise technique et les connaissances métiers de son équipe pluridisciplinaire, pour répondre à vos besoins en matière de solutions intégrés de gestion
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HADOOC Certified v14
Hadooc est une Société de Services en Logiciels Libres spécialisée dans l'intégration et le déploiement de l'ERP Odoo.
Nous aidons les PME pour que le numérique soit au service de la stratégie d'entreprise.
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VEGANET Certified v14
VEGANET is a software Development company based in Tunisia. It is a center of expertise in computer engineering supporting software editors, service companies and SMEs/SMIs.
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Fogits International SARL
Fogits International SARL Certified v13
Fogits Solutions is a dynamic and fast growing ICT company committed to help companies in their digital transformation and achieve their goals in an agile manner with a good ROI.
We are Superheroes and we are providing a wide range of Odoo business solutions, mobile & web development, Artificial intelligence and Cloud/DevOps services.
We capitalize on our team members and we coach them to be Agile, innovative, green and GDPR by design. ...
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Shazler IT
Shazler IT
Shazler IT est un cabinet d’ingénierie informatique, spécialisé en expertise,
accompagnement, formation, intégration technique des solutions technologiques
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AXON est une société française de services informatiques installée à Tunis, spécialisée dans le développement de logiciels de gestion d'entreprise, et l'intégration des solutions Odoo
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SLNEE Tunisie
SLNEE Tunisie Certified v11 Certified v12 Certified v13
SLNEE INTERNATIONAL (is a branch of the Saudi Company Slnee, leader in information technology field, based in Tunisia)​ ​has been belt on competences and team spirit; it has a huge amount of experience both professionally and academically involving project managers, computer engineers, consultants and researchers in technology. Our employees are experts in technologies that could influence our international market. We base all our projects and products on best practices and international standar ...
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Campion-Tech Certified v14
Computer Engineering Services company [Odoo, Web, Mobile].
The applications we develop, affect the different sectors: Trade, Industry, Transport, Health, ...
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