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Re: [patch] ir_translation non-deterministic on duplicates

- 24/03/2015 04:42:59
Le 23/03/2015 23:14, Neels Hofmeyr a écrit :
> Hi Odoo,
> we have had quite a few problems with non-deterministic behavior of
> translations. (...)
> To make ir_translation a) deterministic, b) filter away empty entries and
> c) warn the developer of conflicts, I have come up with the attached patch
> for odoo 8.
> I would appreciate some thoughts on this patch, and possibly you might
> like to adopt it upstream.
Thanks a lot for your proposal.
If you want proper comments about it, you must register to, 
fork odoo/odoo and make a "Pull Request" there.
Be sure to include "@odony" in the description of your proposal. That 
will bring it to the attention of Olivier Dony, a fine person at Odoo's 
who has experience with this part of the code.
> I also have a patch for odoo 7, if anyone is interested. It is quite
> similar. Just ask :)
If both are similar, your best move is to propose the one for v7. The 
R&D team will port it to v8 anyway.
Or they may decide it's not fit for stable releases and ask for a PR 
against "master".
> There's also a second source of .po trouble, not related to above patch.
> If two .po files provide differing translations for the same
> ir_translation key, whichever .po is installed last wins.
This may (or not) be on purpose. We've once used this "feature" to 
override official translations with our home-jargon.