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Dear teachers, I send you a me [...]

Charline Louis (clo)
- 24/03/2014 12:04:13

Dear teachers, I send you a message from Kamal - from SIU Sudan International University in Khartoum-Sudan.
This university is part of the Education Program since 03/2013.
If you have questions for him, you can contact Kama: kmailelhag@gmail.com

To All followers Openerp for education
I would like to inform you that now Open ERP was taught to about 30 participants of the MBA program of SIU Sudan International University in Khartoum-Sudan.
That was in the course titled (Computer Applications in Marketing) for the marketing specialization in the program. This first batch already graduated a month ago and the next batch of about 35 participants have now started learning it.
Open ERP features, benifits and advantages was delivered and contrasted to traditional and classical ERP solutions. It is not surprising to say that 8 out of 10 participants preferred Open ERP over the other solutions and answered the ERP free choice question in the final exam .
The Open ERP system started to build a strong base among business solution choices in Sudan.
Thank you
Kamal Elhag
Part time lecturer MBA program SIU Sudan