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[10.0e] How to distribute workload among multiple work centers?

Quartile Limited, Yoshi Tashiro
- 07/01/2017 23:28:13

I have posted a question here, but allow me to post the same thing here as well.



Is there a way to distribute workload among multiple work centers?


For example, there are 5 work centers, each representing a mounting machine.


There is a demand of qty 600 for the finished product, and I'd like Odoo to split the manufacturing orders and work orders so that Odoo generates 5 sets of these orders each processing qty 120 (given those machines are equally available).


Would be nice to hear examples of handling this kind of scenario.



I think the current design lacks the flexibility of allowing users to select workcenter/routing according to the real situation of the shop floor when conditions change constantly (e.g. machine #1 produces product A today and product B tomorrow).


Has anyone coped with this problem?



Yoshi Tashiro