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Variants as product.template Solutions

Cliff Kujala
- 02/01/2017 23:01:34
Hello Odoo Inventory Experts,

Has anyone experienced a successful solution to fix/convert a product list which was imported as individual product.template items for all the variants instead of product.template, and then import the proper.product under the corresponding product.template?

So essentially I'm asking if there is a method to convert or reassign those items that should have been a child, under their actual correct parent?

I could just blowup the list and start over, but I'd rather not lose any sales history for those items, and I've already used up the external identifiers from our other system when I incorrectly imported all those children as "self" before.

Thank you,

Cliff Kujala
Pure Karting, LLC
Retailer of High Quality Karting Components