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Re: Arbitrary Units of Measure Module

Mohamed Hagag
- 24/08/2016 15:19:09

I suggest that you have a look at IngAdHoc's module called product_pack, it's a good solution.

IMHO the Roll, Sheet, box, bag, ...etc is not considered as a UoM .

Units of measure are unique and standardized like Meter, Kg, Km ...etc.

here's the link to product_pack module which is very fliexble and can be used to configure bundles, packages and what you call Arbitrary UoMs.


On 08/24/2016 06:37 PM, Ben Larson wrote:
We are considering creating a custom module to improve the flexibility of units of measure. Please review the following google document and add any comments or concerns. We plan to move forward with this soon.

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