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Re: Tracking available inventory space in ODOO WMS Locations

- 19/05/2015 03:13:30
The best way to do this would be to add a new "put away strategy" in a 
custom module.
Put away strategies are a new feature in v8, which lets Odoo choose the 
destination of a stock move when workers are doing them.

Check out this previous thread on the mailing list about a related (but 
easier) topic (finding empty locatios):
I've also filed a feature request at OCA's "stock-logistics-workflow" 
As you can see there are several who are interested in this sort of 
features, so if you implement it don't hesitate to ask for help and/or 
funding here and at OCA's.

Lionel Sausin.

Le 18/05/2015 15:53, Benjamin Scherrey a écrit :
> I'm evaluating ODOO for a WMS solution. When setting up locations in a 
> warehouse there doesn't seem to be any mechanism for defining it's 
> available space for purposes of holding items. Does ODOO WMS not have 
> this capability of directing inbound inventory to locations that have 
> available space? It's not clear at all to me how this is done.
>   thanx,
>   -- Ben
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