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Netting payables and receivables

Apertoso, Timothy Verellen
- 12/11/2014 10:22:12
Dear Community,

One of my clients has a partner who acts both as customer and supplier.
My client is wanting to net the incoming invoices with the outgoing invoices in order to become the (payable or receivable) balance. In Odoo netting payables and receivables from the same partner isn't possible directly. So I went to search for any solutions.

My client says the balance eventually isn't to be paid. So fixing this by bank statement won't be possible. I think using a diverse journal might be a solution.

Has anyone encountered this problem before?
What do you think of the solution?
Is their another solution of which I don't know the existence?
Do you think 'netting' should be a standard feature in Odoo?

I look forward to hear your opinions.

Kind regards,


Timothy Verellen

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