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Re: OCA and modules dependencies

Savoir-Faire Linux, Maxime Chambreuil
- 09/09/2014 09:20:12
Hello David,

- In which repo can I put modules 'file_repository' and 'file_document' : OCA (only for v7), akretion, a new repo with all 'file exchange' solutions which are not in OCA ? could be a good fit.

- Is delivery_dropoff_site module could be accepted in OCA ? How to manage non OCA dependencies case ?

Yes. I suggest you try to contact the author of those dependencies and invite them to join the OCA and contribute their modules into an OCA repo. If they refuse, so be it and your module depends on non-OCA modules, which is not an issue to me.

Maxime Chambreuil
+1 (514) 276-5468 #126