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Re: Proposal to review the OCA contribution guidelines

Akretion, Raphael Valyi
- 14/08/2014 20:04:00
On Thu, Aug 14, 2014 at 8:38 PM, Lorenzo Battistini <> wrote:

Il giorno 14/ago/2014 21:04, <> ha scritto:

> On Thu, Aug 14, 2014 at 3:43 PM, Daniel Reis <> wrote:
>> There *was* also
>> I believe there us room for an alternative Apps site. The official Apps site is not curated. It's an idea still in my drawer.
>> /DR
> Hello I agree.
> Some days ago, Fabien even sent me an email telling he feels that most of community apps are of poor quality which I agree very much. Instead in the OCA we do a tremendous effort to get a top quality in all OCA apps.
> I think it's very important to differentiate that excellent quality from the background noise.

I agree

Also, may be the way I explained it may not be very clear to people discovering Odoo recently: the point with a curated list is not differentiation for differentiation to snob the other modules.
The point is if we can teach people that great modules are associated to a certain quality workflow (peer review, quality metrics etc..), then we create a virtuous circle where we educate the market so that it asks for work that produces more quality and ten we will all get a much better productivity in our daily work, implementer and end user. This is why visibility is important, else non specialists will never learn to figure out quality patterns by themselves (it takes years and years to understand what produces great code/great programs, specially in the open source field where things works quite differently and odoo framework isn't very common either).
And again, OCA is totally open and transparent so nothing prevents any module author to submit a given module there.


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