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Recalculation of product cost price

- 30/09/2016 08:24:24

Hello community and sorry for my English…


Any info would be appreciated.


Are there any modules concerning retroactive recalculation of product cost price in odoo v8 or v9?


We did these in v6 and v7 but now with quants we have to do it all over again pretty much from scratch. Any info on a module that does something like this would be appreciated.


By recalculation of cost price I mean a system that takes a period of time, knows what journals (transactions) form cost price, averages that price and then rewrites it in outgoing stock journals and recreates quants at the end (simplified version). This recalculation is done in intervals (weekly, monthly, yearly etc.)


On a similar note, any info on modules that:


• Recreate account moves by period (would work in combination with recalculation of stock cost price, once stock is recalculated we recreate account moves in batch)

• Move cost price from stock moves to according account invoice lines (would work in combination with recalculation to get sale margin)