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Re: UI line item edit checkbox requires double click

Shane Howearth
- 15/12/2015 01:55:53

I've taken to putting a button into the tree instead of a checkbox; clicking on the button once then handling the click and doing stuff (eg updating a state such that the button now uses one of the check icons) allows me to get around the annoying 2 click process.


On Tue, Dec 15, 2015 at 5:28 PM, OpenERP Master <> wrote:

A client of mine wants to be able to edit a list produced by a wizard and check a box next to line items that apply.

The problem is that you have to click the line to make it editable, then check the box. This is a usability annoyance for the client because they do not understand why the system behaves this way.

Is there something someone else has done, or some method that can allow a checkbox to be set on a line without having to click twice.


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