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Re: RE: Odoo 9 Accounting: We support your bank

richard achatz
- 04/10/2015 06:31:41
Hi Fabien,

i think we talk past each other. please follow me.

if i developed a custom addon for 8 which depends on, or is based on appraisal in HR and want to upgrade to 9, i will have to do massive changes on my code or upgrade to enterprise.



Am So, 10/04/2015 10:28 AM, hat Fabien Pinckaers <> geschrieben:

> so my question is: when crm addon will die and a proprietary addon takes its place?

Read our latest communications. I have the feeling we have to repeat the same things again and again.

We will always support and improve Odoo Community. Having a great Odoo Community is part of our strategy. We have absolutely no plan to remove or replace Odoo Community.

From versions to versions, we have to remove some features (usually a very small number that were not clean) and add others. (Usually much more) That's called "product management" and that's normal.

Our plan is to have both Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise to evolve and we have absolutely no plan to have Odoo Enterprise take features from Odoo Community.

That would be stupid to have an bad, unclean or incomplete Odoo Community since a lot of people (70%?) will come to Odoo through the open source version. We want those guys to have a great experience on Odoo so that they can continue investing on Odoo so that, one day maybe, they will upgrade to Odoo Enterprise.

> and much more important: when will you start killing parts of the core and ressurect them as commercial addon?

Why do you give us this intention? We always said the opposite. We want to continue boosting Odoo Community.

Selling features is not bad. It's actually sane since it allows to sustain the model. And it's not because we sell extra features (through Odoo Enterprise) that we want to kill or decrease the open source product. It's actually the opposite: it's because we get more revenues that we can invest more in improving Odoo Community (and enterprise too)

BTW, the open source license guarantee you that what is open source today, will always remain open source (nobody can change the license of what you already downloaded)


> rich
> Am Sa, 10/03/2015 07:39 PM, hat Fabien Pinckaers <> geschrieben:
>> Hello,
>> We will, of course, never relicense community modules. Not only because we can not (you own your own code) but also because we think everyone should respect contributors and their choice of license. We plan to enforce contributors choice whether it's AGPL (no proprietary module can depend on it) or LGPL.
>> But it's also true that we are open to all worlds: we support open source contributions and we support paid apps too. Both are good: the first help creating a good open source software, the later generate revenues for its author to boost contributions.
>> > what you Odoo expects from community is too easy: community members should develop modules and contribute via pull-requests. After this, you licenses the code, close it and sell it back to the same community?
>> What you expect from Odoo SA is too easy: you want a great software, that is free, and you complain if we sell extra modules to finance this.
>> Odoo's open source license (LGPL) allows open source and proprietary modules to co-exist. You should better live with it, otherwise you risk to be frustrated and we all will get bored of flame wars on this list every week.
>> It should not be a problem for contributors as they can choose the license that reflects what they want for their modules. Just choose the license that best fits your interests for your contributions:
>> - AGPL: everyone can use, but you don't want developers of proprietary modules to depend on your app
>> - LGPL: anyone can depend on your app, but your module must remain open source (and all its modifications too)
>> - proprietary: you expect revenues for your module.
>> No one can relicense your modules / contributions (neither Odoo SA or another contributor). It's illegal.
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