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Belgian Odoo Erp Partner Association - meeting Friday 5 2h45 pm at Odoo Experience

ADINS sprl, Christophe HANON
- 28/05/2015 04:42:31
Dear colleagues, 

I apologize for disturbing those that are not active on the Belgian market... But I have no other mean to reach all interrested partners...

We propose you to finish the annual Odoo experience by a Boerpa session  - open to all Belgian partners. Boerpa is a non official association of Belgian partners. 

Luc De Meyer (Noviat) is our chairman and I play the role of secretary. If you want to join our distribution list just e-mail me, indicates clearly the company name - in Belgium, if you are listed on Odoo web it is just fine otherwise I will contact partner management to check.

The agenda  is at  :

Feel free to add any topic but please note this will be mostly strategic / commercial as we expect to have partner managers and or Sandro in the room.

Room : 
Room Hocaille , au niveau -1  - 14h45

Just for safety : in case of venu changes please check your e-mail or step by the Noviat stand (if there is any change we will let a message there) ...

See you next weeks in LLN


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