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Re: Warehouse access rights

- 29/04/2015 05:17:51
On 29/04/2015 11:07, Abu Helal wrote:
> Hi,
> The first point to discuss is why there is no default security pattern
> for the warehouse module like the CRM?

It's a good question, but the main policy of Odoo is to be simplest as 
possible so, I think, don't put default security pattern on warehouse is 
the result of this policy because you can add your own security pattern 
after the installation.

> The second point, how we can think when trying to make a security pattern.
> Let's say there is a stock move from source A to destination B, then who
> is supposed to have the access rights on this move warehouse A stock
> keeper, our B one?

Each security pattern is specific of the company behavior. For your 
example, maybe it's an employee of the warehouse A that make the move or 
maybe it's an employee of the warehouse B that make the move. So, it 
depends on the policy of the company, there is no generic patter to that.
But, you can also have two moves : one from A to a virtual location 
(move owned by A) and one from the virtual location to B (move owned by 
B). With this behavior, you can apply security rules on each move and A 
don't see the move from virtual location to B and B don't see the move 
from A to virtual location.

To resume, it depends on your implementation of the ERP, it's why Odoo 
developers didn't put security patterns on warehouses.



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