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Ordering of items in Packs based on rules.

John Pia Jr
- 06/12/2014 04:25:38

I have a need to be able to define an order of items in a pack (pallet) based on rules (mainly surrounding weight).

Basically I need to the system to automatically order items in a pack in a certain way that will not disrupt the integrity of the products sold.

We are one of the large a test fresh mushroom producers in the world. We sell over 1600 skus of mushrooms (mainly just in different packages/containers). Because it is a produce product, they weight distribution of  the various products need to be right, if not product will be damaged.

Right now we do this manually. We have one guy who knows how's to build all the pallets so we does this and then supplies the pallet builders with a ordered list.

basically I need the system to be able to follow the example below.

Let's say we have 3 products on a single pallet that is going out the door (post manufacturing)

Product A = 10LBs / unit (in cardboard box)

Product B = 10LB / unit (in plastic box)

Product C  = 5LB / unit in cardboard.

Let's say pur order has 30 of this each products.

We would need to stack the pallet like this:

From bottom to top:

B > A > C

I would like for this to be don't automatically, but with the option to manually reorder if required.

Anyone ever have a need for this??