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Re: Nibbana released - new free app for GTD project and task management!

- 05/06/2018 10:07:52
Thank you very much !
I will certainly try this weekend.

I wish you succeed, we are enjoying beautiful applications.

infoGRid# Team

2018-06-05 12:11 GMT+03:00 O Dooist <>:
Hi dear Community!
I would like to share with you an application that I have created for myself to manage
personal projects and tasks using GTD methodology.

The app is free.

Probably I am a "fallen in love author of the app" but I think it's a must have app for every Odoo installation :-)

Odoo's project module is used to do customer projects, to bill time, sign contracts etc.
So it's formal for organization.

So Nibbana is not connected (yet) to existing project module (I am thinking how to do it in a right way)

Nibbana on the contrary is a private (personal) projects and tasks manager.

According to GTD you have to load off your head all issues you worry about.
So I don't think it's a good idea to put into Odoo's project module :-)

The development is still in process as I plan to release some Nibbana addons, like addon for team collaboration, Toggl integration, Wunderlist export, integration with CRM/Project modules, etc. 

Also some more features are expected to come like daily reports and reviews, productivity karma, procrastination alarms and more fun :-D

I am open for any suggestions regarding Nibbana's features.
I really want to beat all non-Odoo GTD applications :-)
Feel free to get in touch.

Thanks for your attention!


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