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[Announcement] New family of GDPR-modules

Vertel AB, Vertel Support
- 16/03/2018 04:23:17

The new GDPR-regulation will soon begin to apply for a lot of our customers. We are therefore announcing a new family of GDPR modules that will make life easier to be GDPR complient.
The modules are based on a personal data inventory, added rules for removing old data, a database for consent and website pages for GDPR information and a personal data portal.

* Inventory of personal data and processing
* Rules for automatic deletions
* Website information
* Consent database
* Personal portal, displaying what personal data that is stored in your system, administration of consents

For each type of personal data you identifies and have described in terms of domains and other rules, you can list res.partnes that are affected and in the partner form you can list personal data objects connected to that res.partner.

However, each subarea in Odoo will need some GDPR love in the form of new modules. Therefore, we are calling interested participants for additional features, comments and ideas. Gdpr_mass_mailing module are an example of added GDPR features for the mass_mailing-module.

Read more, download and test.

gdpr_inventory - main module that sets up the inventory-database
website_gdpr - website features
gdpr_mass_mailing - gdpr features for mass_mailing-module

Some notes:

The module gdpr_inventory depends on attachment_notebook
and the module website_gdpr depends on website_document_metadata

At this time we have only a 8.0 version (most of our customers are still using 8.0) but we are working with a 10.0 verstion too (none are using 9.0 and 11.0 are still considered to early).

Med vänlig hälsning / Best regards,
Anders Wallenquist

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