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Re: Installation odoo via Plesk

Amit Parik
- 24/06/2015 05:48:14
I think you can simply download the .rpm file  from

and then run this package file the odoo we will be setup easily on your CentOS.

On Wed, Jun 24, 2015 at 3:12 PM, Martin Suraba <> wrote:
Hi folks, 

have you any experiences with installation Odoo via Plesk? I didn't found any manual about it. 

My hypothesis: (Is it ok?) Operation system: CentOS 7

Installation from source

1. Download from Github odoo

2. pip install -r requirements.txt (dependencis with python, libraries, etc)

3. install npm and nodejs

4. running odoo with script

5. / --addons-path=addons,../mymodules --db-filter=mydb$

and what next? 

have you any experiences with next step? (Configure in Plesk? Load any package)? 

Many thanks for the answer, 


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Thanks & regards,
Amit Parik