Field Service


Field Service Quoting, Sales Order, to invoicing using a SERVICE product type

Hank Levi

We don't do service by the hour/billing.  We service laboratory instruments and we quote how much it will cost to perform the on-site service visit. In Odoo, we have already created PRODUCT TYPES (e.g. Storable Product, Consumable, or Service)(found on the General Information tab).  Using PRODUCT TYPES we have created 10 to 15 types of "Service" items that match our various instrument models.  Some cost more than others to service.

I want to make sure what I am doing is OK and not going to create other problems associated with the sales order process and reporting on the Income Statement.  I realize I can add actual storable products and consumable when preparing a quote.  So, for me to add these "service items" I just Unclick the Product selection tab and it allows me to pick any type of product I want including "Service".

Bottom line, I prefer to start the quote this way from the Field Service App because it flows logically and we are able to perform scheduling, etc.

Do you think there is anything wrong with doing it this way?