Odoo Ayuda

On 03/06/15 17:22

See (and modify) method session_gc in http.py, like this:

def session_gc(session_store):
if random.random() < 0.01: ###!!! 0.001:
# we keep session one week
last_week = time.time() - 60*10 ###!!! 60*60*24*7
for fname in os.listdir(session_store.path):
path = os.path.join(session_store.path, fname)
if os.path.getmtime(path) < last_week:
except OSError:


Thanks for the code, it's very useful. Do you have any suggestions on how this code might be modified so that no core files are modified?

I think this would be incredibly useful as a standalone module, and this would allow it to be upgrade proof as well.

Luke Branch
en 04/06/15 02:03

Hello zbik, Can you please explain excatly what modify i need to do to set 10 min logout...?? Thanks.

Ali Ravani
en 04/06/15 02:23

Answer updated

en 04/06/15 15:25

Hello zbik, Thanks for your answer, i test this code its work fine. but only 1 time it work, after i updated the code and restart the server it work, now its not working. can you please help me, what i am missing... Thanks.

Ali Ravani
en 08/06/15 15:50

After update Odoo code from repository file http.py (and method session_gc) is replaced and set as original.

en 08/06/15 15:58

I replace the code as you post in answer, and first time its work for testing i put for 1 min. so, its should logout after 1 min if browser is ideal, after logout first time in 1 min, i login again and then now its not logout...

Ali Ravani
en 08/06/15 16:11

Random set, such as 0.1 or 1.0 and tests (0.1 - in this case an average of 10 refreshes generates log off), the logout time is set to 10 minutes.

en 08/06/15 16:47

Thanks zbik

Ali Ravani
en 08/06/15 17:37

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