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Odoo Enterprise for Nonprofits and NGOs
Industry Community Talk Functional
Ubicación: Hall 7.E - 10/11/23 10:00 - 10/11/23 10:30 (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutos)
Odoo Enterprise  for Nonprofits and NGOs
Wolfgang Hall
CEO en Uptomize - Wolfgang Hall
Wolfgang Hall
CEO en Uptomize - Wolfgang Hall

Wolfgang Hall is a highly awarded business process management expert with a background in software engineering and professional services consulting. He advised many fortune 500 companies and implemented some of the largest Odoo projects in the USA. He retired from commercial business and founded Uptomize to focus on helping nonprofits and NGOs with their unique operational needs. Wolfgang has worked with ERP systems for over 25 years and with Odoo for over six years.
He serves on the board and volunteers for several nonprofits and loves to play on his collection of instruments from around the world.

Target Audience: Nonprofits and NGOs

Nonprofits have one key responsibility: pursue their mission for the common good. This can only be accomplished effectively with the use of appropriate business process management tools.
All-in-one business software systems, with few exceptions, are built for commercial customers with nonprofits as an afterthought. This is not necessarily a disadvantage as it forces nonprofits to operate more like commercial entities. Using best practices in managing a not-for-profit entity benefits the ability to grow programs, increase funding, and present program and business data in a professional way to donors and auditors.

In this talk nonprofits and NGOs will learn how to use Odoo Enterprise to expand their services for the benefit of the larger society.

This presentation will prepare the audience to use Odoo effectively in these key areas:

Nonprofit Fund Accounting and reporting
Fund accounting is a main tool to provide tracking and separation of dedicated funds and programs. Additionally, nonprofit financial reporting requires a statement of activities and a statement of financial position.

Donation Management
Donation management includes CRM functions to generate new donors (leads) and maintain existing donors (donor maintenance).

Grant Management
Grant management software allows tracking of specific grant requirements and integrates with donation management and fundraising (CRM) tools.

Project Management
Most nonprofits have projects to manage. Projects can be tied to specific funds and may include fundraising events, service projects, grant applications and management, community outreach, advocacy, as well as educational or development projects.

Event management
Many nonprofits manage their own events. This can be large fundraising events, or frequent classes and support meetings. Event management apps provide tools for marketing the event on websites and social media, allowing for paid or free registrations, automate communicating with participants, and manage tickets, attendance, and certificates.

eCommerce / online donations and shopping
Not all nonprofits have a need to sell products or services, but most nonprofits offer the ability to donate at different levels. Online donations are a specific form of online financial transactions. The eCommerce tools should allow for flexible donation packages (including recurring donations). They should also allow for setup of classes, materials, or other products.

Member Management
Most nonprofits deal with free or paid memberships. Member management tools tie into the CRM to recruit and manage members. The member software allows for automated communication via emails and newsletters to keep members informed of program progress and upcoming events.

Website Design and Management
Nonprofits and NGOs require the ability to quickly set up new web content without the need for special technical skills. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and integration with events, projects, eCommerce, and CRM are a requirement for effective outreach.