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How non-profit organizations can run & succeed using ERP Software
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Ubicación: Hall 7.E - 8/11/23 12:00 - 8/11/23 12:30 (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutos)
How non-profit organizations can run & succeed using ERP Software
Peters Dominique
Founder en Software Buro
Peters Dominique
Founder en Software Buro

Dominique has been active at the crossroads of IT and non-profits for quite some time. With his previous company, they created software solutions for large occupational health providers in Belgium.

As an Odoo partner they're looking to get Odoo known in the non-profit field.

Nonprofits play a crucial role in building equitable and healthy
communities through clearly defined goals. Their sole purpose is
public good through various initiatives directed towards extending
support to the underprivileged and those who are vulnerable. In doing
so, each charitable organization has its own mission and purpose to
which it is dedicated - social welfare, climate change, LGBT rights,
animal rights, etc

Nonprofits are compelled to get the most out of their existing resources by managing
them in a efficient manner.
This becomes easier with an ERP solution like Odoo which comes with:
- a powerful Project Management app that allows the user to set and allocate tasks,
automate emails, and do much more.
- Member management, including automated invoicing and follow-up
- Grant management: access to government grants. budget, forecasting,
- Distributing knowledge towards its members
- Reporting

In this talk we will share beste practices on how several foundations have started using Odoo.