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How a Leading Footwear Brand Leveraged Odoo to Manage their Multi-Company and Multi-Warehouse Operations Across 40+ Countries
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How a Leading Footwear Brand Leveraged Odoo to Manage their Multi-Company and Multi-Warehouse Operations Across 40+ Countries
Chintan Shah
CEO en Brainvire Infotech
Chintan Shah
CEO en Brainvire Infotech

Chintan Shah is a successful serial entrepreneur who has aided numerous businesses in achieving digital transformation. His strong vision, extensive knowledge, and 25 years of experience make him the ideal partner in facilitating change.

His accomplishments include founding a company with 1800 employees, assisting businesses in tripling their revenue within two to three years, increasing operational efficiency by 40%, and more. In addition, he has helped several companies, including Walt Disney, Southwest Airlines, Fox Sports, Isha Foundation, Balubaid, American Tire Depot, and others, in producing results of a similar nature for their operations.

MBT Shoes is a leading footwear industry brand committed to innovative technology, sustainable practices, and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

MBT Shoes has a global presence, with multiple warehouses and operations in over 40 countries. The company caters to a diverse customer base, including athletes, healthcare professionals, and everyday consumers who prioritize comfort and wellness. The company had outgrown their previous system and needed a more flexible and scalable solution to support their complex operations. Additionally, they wanted to improve their multi-company environment by having a single URL with multiple companies, company access rights management, product segmentation, tax rounding adjustment in the system, multi-currency transactions, unique code with a company ID, POS voucher, visa, and employee timesheet.

They also needed a customized system to meet their requirements, including multi-company management, product segmentation, and multi-currency transactions. To achieve these goals, MBT Shoes decided to switch its current Magento website to Magento 2 and integrate it with Odoo. As a result, Brainvire implemented Odoo ERP, and Odoo-Adobe Commerce Integration streamlined its operations, reduced costs, and improved efficiency while managing multiple warehouses and companies across 40+ countries.

Challenges and Solutions
->One-for-all Solution:
Managing, tracking, and maintaining accuracy for inventory, sales orders, and procurement/delivery across multiple locations, countries, and warehouses was challenging. The Odoo-Adobe Commerce integration solved this problem by bringing all companies under one URL, giving a centralized view of all brand operations under a single setup, resulting in a 29% increase in productivity and a 38% reduction in manual intervention.

->POS with EDI Integration:
They needed a system for adding customer sales orders. With the new POS system, we easily accomplished it thanks to a single device and user-switching functionality. It reduced the cost of purchasing numerous multiple-user licenses for all Odoo users. In addition, the POS-Attendance module and Session log-in data integration helped manage the employee hours. All of this is the result of POS-EDI integration.

We customized Odoo for their needs, including segment-wise reporting, importing modules for multi-company sales order lines and product details, combined sales order processing for drop ship orders, and efficient and accurate POS store reporting.

->Accounting and Reporting:
MBT used Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Xero accounting to manage its business. The company faced challenges running eCommerce processes effectively and maintaining its standalone accounting system. They encountered redundancies and inconsistencies in delivery orders and even strains in vendor relationships. Odoo's latest version covers the most dynamic and customizable features of the eCommerce business. MBT successfully migrated and experienced segment-wise accounting reports for product segment sales, importing, updating, and exporting products easily through predefined formats with less complexity.

Key Takeaways
->Odoo as a One-for-all Solution:
With just a single setup and single URL, MBT Shoes has an environment that has brought all brands and operations into a single setup and gives a centralized view, improving the inventory and product management, resulting in a 19% Increase in ROI and a 14% reduction in costs.

->Geography is Not a Hurdle:
MBT Shoes is now seamlessly handling operations for its multiple companies and warehouses spread across 40+ countries via Odoo.

->Hassle-free Integration/Migration to Odoo:
No matter the size, nature, or type of your business, migrating or integrating with Odoo is smooth. For example, we completed the MBT Shoes journey to Odoo in 2 weeks. For various purposes, different platforms Integrations were facilitated, such as Amazon, Xero Accounting, Microsoft Dynamics, EDI, Adobe Commerce, and others.