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What's new in Odoo Live chat? Meet the Chatbot!
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Ubicación: Foyer 500 - 12/10/22 17:00 - 12/10/22 17:30 (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutos)
What's new in Odoo Live chat? Meet the Chatbot!
Ray Carnes
Ray Carnes

Ray started with OpenERP v6.02 in 2012; implemented the 13th customer in the USA; spent 7 years implementing Odoo at various Gold Partners; and has thoroughly enjoyed the last 4 unimaginably explosive years inside the Odoo mothership.

Rumor has it he will be joined by Nicoleta Tristan - who has scaled Odoo's live chat team from 1 to over 70 people - and was the first employee to permanently work from home (an undisclosed tropical isthmus).

Live chat leads are the most valuable Odoo leads.

The ROI beats any other strategy and requires no additional investment, just rotate existing employees through Live Chat shifts.

With stored responses, team chat, and the BOT wreaking havoc, we provide a great set of tools to support your Community.

See how easy it is to engage with people and channel them quickly to the right place in your organization as soon as they are ready.

Nicoleta and Ray will engage in a fun roleplaying exercise that gives you a front row seat to what happens behind the chat window!

Meet the whole Bot family: AfterHoursBot, AppointmentBot, BlogBot, EventBot, FeatureBot, JobBot, LeadBot, PartnerBot, ReleaseBot, SalesBot, SurveyBot, TicketBot and the one who started it all - WelcomeBot!