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The new way to convert any website to Odoo
Business Developer
Ubicación: Auditorium 2000 B - 12/10/22 14:00 - 12/10/22 14:30 (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutos)
Pierre Delacroix
Pierre Delacroix

Pierre is the product owner of Odoo Website and Odoo eCommerce.
He fell in love with Odoo in Rwanda while using v7 to sell Solar Home Systems. Before that, he worked as a consultant in the Logistics department.
He loves technology and always aims for the perfect UX/UI when designing new Odoo features.

You want your website integrated with other Odoo Apps? Or you want to be able to update your website content yourself with our amazing editor? Our sales will be able to use our newly developed tool to migrate any website to Odoo. Join the talk to see a demo on the results we can achieve in just a few clicks.