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Loyalty programs, coupons & promotions: what's new?
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Ubicación: Auditorium 2000 A - 14/10/22 12:00 - 14/10/22 12:30 (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutos)
Thibault de Broqueville
Thibault de Broqueville

For almost two years as a Business Analyst, Thibault has and continues to help many companies to change and improve their way of working with Odoo. After graduating in economics and management, he went on to complete a master's degree in digital marketing and consumer insight. Pursuing his journey, he then continued to develop his skills as a marketing coordinator in his previous position. 

This background allows him to be specialized in sales & marketing applications. Thibault is also curious and passionate about many other fields such as new technologies, music, and photography. He also loves to tinker, invent, improve and understand how these things work. These push him to be creative and find solutions in any type of situation.

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