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Evento Odoo Experience 2020 starts on 30 de septiembre de 2020, 14:00:00 CEST
"World's Highest Racetrack" launches Odoo powered Digital Event Platform
Ubicación: Studio4 - 1/10/20 9:00 - 1/10/20 9:30 (-0400) (30 minutos)

"World's Highest Racetrack" launches Odoo powered Digital Event Platform
Dani Fricker Founder & CEO  at Digital Advisory Group GmbH

Dani Fricker is a seasoned entrepreneur and executive with a rich team building and leadership experience. In his company, he is working on ecosystems which use digital interconnections to co-create value and to bring extended benefit for individuals. Before founding his company back in 2017, Dani has a three-decade track record as a software engineer, trusted business advisor and sales consultant, notably to the financial services industry across the EMEA space. Dani is Swiss and is living with his family in Zurich, Switzerland.

Every year in June, Lenzerheide Motor Classics (LMC) welcomes Classic Car enthusiasts to one of one of the coolest, toughest and most established Motorsport events in Switzerland. For the 2020 edition of the spectacle, the Odoo based LMC Digital Event Platform was launched. The platform was designed to boost the extraordinary experience of this event for drivers, fans and sponsors.The platform not only manages LMC’s driver and rider admissions but also brings additional services such as hotel bookings, catering services, or merchandising to the benefit of all participants of the event. And, of course, provides all relevant information in the blink of an eye.

As every other event, LMC 2020 was highly in danger to get canceled by the government because of COVID-19 concerns. Thanks to secured data of the underlying platform, Digital Advisory Group developed in no time a mobile app which delivers verified driver data by scanning a qr code on the event badges. The app delivers personal information of an event attendee in combination with GPS information from particular event spots like check-in or grid area. That was requested by the government to comply with COVID-19 requirements. The event got approved. The LMC Event Platform is based on and was designed and implemented by Digital Advisory Group, the expert for Digital Ecosystems globally.


Which was the main goal to achieve for LMC when purchasing their event platform?
Why is Odoo the platform of choice for digital business?
What does Digital Advisory Group offer to its customers?