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Evento Odoo Experience 2020 starts on 30 de septiembre de 2020, 14:00:00 CEST
Why Data Management is Critical for the Success of an Odoo Project
Ubicación: Studio7 - 1/10/20 12:00 - 1/10/20 12:30 (-0400) (30 minutos)

Why Data Management is Critical for the Success of an Odoo Project
Amir Hassan Project Manager  at SprintIT. http://www.sprintit.fi

Amir Hassan
Amir has worked with Odoo for nearly 2 years at SprintIT as a project manager and senior consultant specialising in Odoo implementations for the manufacturing industry. He has managed a wide range of Odoo projects from basic stand-alone Odoo databases to complex solutions in which Odoo is integrated into multiple 3rd-party systems.
Before SprintIT and Odoo projects, Amir had accumulated a decade-long experience from managing IT integration and business process improvement projects involving machine learning, digitization, and product development. He is a strong advocate of good data management and utilisation as a core prerequisite for successful business processes and ERPs.

Marko Mäkinen
Marko Mäkinen is SprintIT's data guru. In addition to data analysis and data management, he works with SprintIT's retail customers and develops Odoo solutions for their needs.
Before joining SprintIT two years ago, Marko had accumulated solid experience in versatile data analysis projects as a full-time data scientist. Thanks to his background, SprintIT provides its customers good quality data analysis as he searches for deviations and modifies data programmatically during the master data transfer phase. Marko also actively follows the latest developments in machine learning and different ways of utilising it in Odoo.

Ilkka Kuuramaa
Ilkka Kuuramaa, CEO of Farmi Forest, is an academic-entrepreneurial-executive, whose career has been strongly influenced by the alliance of wood, steel, and industrial services.
Ilkka led the company’s Odoo implementation project in late 2019. He has hands-on understanding of the importance of professional data management in an Odoo project from the end-user customer point-of-view. Farmi Forest manufactures timber harvesting and transportation machinery that is intended for use with tractors. Under Ilkka’s leadership, Farmi Forest has expanded internationally, becoming part of the Ferrel Group that manufactures heavy-duty trailers.

In this presentation, you will learn how to avoid the pitfalls of poor data analysis in an Odoo project.

Data is the immaterial asset that is the foundation of an Odoo database. If the data itself is faulty, the business rules that are built around it will not work as they should. If you are dealing with lots of data, or are importing data from multiple different sources, you will want to ensure the data is handled professionally.

How to do this?

The data analysis cycle includes 1) Business understanding 2) Data understanding 3) Data analysis 4) Data cleaning and 5) Data transformation. Data management is not a one-time shot, but rather an ongoing process throughout the Odoo lifecycle. Before SprintIT’s customer Farmi Forest implemented Odoo in late 2019, the company had multiple legacy systems in use. This meant that Farmi Forest's master data was not consistent and contained a lot of gaps. Professional data management made it possible to conclude the implementation phase in a challenging 3-month schedule. Ilkka Kuuramaa, the CEO of Farmi Forest will join us in this discussion.


Data can be introduced into Odoo by which means?
Accurate data in your database can provide the following:
Farmi Forest supports what sector?