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Evento Odoo Experience 2020 starts on 30 de septiembre de 2020, 14:00:00 CEST
US Tax Compliance with Odoo & TaxCloud
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Ubicación: Studio2 - 30/9/20 15:30 - 30/9/20 16:00 (-0400) (30 minutos)

US Tax Compliance with Odoo & TaxCloud
Fabrice Henrion Director Americas at Odoo

Fabrice has been the Director of Odoo in the Americas for 10+ years. He oversees a team of 200+ professionals across all operations for the region: sales, consulting, partners network, support, marketing, and administration.

In the United States, sales taxes can be challenging to manage on your own. There are more than 12,500 sales tax jurisdictions in the US, and many criteria are involved in their calculation. Such as price, location, product categories, shipping conditions, invoice date, etc…

Identifying the correct tax manually is complex, time-consuming, and prone to errors. Also, each state requires a separate filing under different conditions. This topic is more relevant than ever since the recent changes in legislation (Wayfair decision) places more responsibility on remote sellers. 

This is why online services, like TaxCloud, can prove themselves to be useful. TaxCloud will calculate, file, and remit taxes to states. The TaxCloud integration in Odoo allows users to instantly retrieve the correct sales tax in various sales flows, as well as send the information to the TaxCloud service for processing.

In this talk, we will see how the TaxCloud integration works in Odoo, how to set it up, and what the results are in Odoo and in TaxCloud's portal.